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A Fitting End

Posted by: John Schroeder at 07:36 am, February 1st 2015     —    1 Comment »

Needless to say, this blog was as surprised b Mitt Romney’s decision NOT to run on Friday as was the rest of the world.  Yesterday, The Daily Beast published a short piece by the brains behind Romney’s political operation, Stuart Stevens, “Why Romney Didn’t Run.”  It’s closing words are most fitting to Romney, his campaigns and to why this blog has done what it has done:

It’s an unusual move. Before his call Friday, most political observers were predicting Romney would move forward, which seemed the safe bet. (Though Romney had consulted with a wide range of people while considering the race, only a handful knew of his final decision.) It’s rare that someone who has a very good chance to win a nomination, particularly for an open seat, would pass on the opportunity. But it’s consistent with who Mitt Romney is: a good and decent man, remarkably centered in his family and faith, who really does want what he believes is best for the country. He’s not a candidate driven by some personal anger, desperate to prove himself. If in a wide range of candidates there is a chance for the nominating process to produce a very strong candidate, he doesn’t want to put personal ambition before that possibility.

Outside the intense partisan fire of the election, hopefully more people have been able to get a better sense of Mitt Romney as a person. Yesterday with a bit of graciousness in our “me first” culture, he gave us a little more insight.




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