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A Passing Thought As The World Watches The New Pope

Posted by: John Schroeder at 06:15 am, March 15th 2013     —    Comment on this post »

Little question the MSM are simple dopes when it comes to covering the election of a new pope.  All their personal agendas drafted on a institution older than anything they know, clueless of that institutions agenda.  However, they are nonetheless focused on the church.

Now compare and contrast that with the current debate inside Evangelical circles about how the church will look in the future.

Let me put this as starkly as possible.  The attention focused on the election of Francis I is an indication of the leadership in world affairs of the Roman Catholic church.  True enough that many are the forces that seek to remove them from that leadership position, but leaders thy remain.  Evangelicals, on the other hand, seem to be desperately following trends in an effort to find a place to fit in.

Is it any wonder then that Evangelical success in politics is so limited?


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