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Messing With The Profane and The Sacred

Posted by: John Schroeder at 07:21 am, February 13th 2013     —    4 Comments »

Our political opposition clearly understands the need to capture culture to win politically.  That became most evident to me in the last two days with two very similar, but highly contrasting stories.  Each involves something very near and dear to me, on the one hand we have comic books, something quite profane, and on the other the most sacred of things, my faith.

Let’s start with the profane, comic books, as from the Washington Times we learn:

A writer for DC ComicsSuperman series has come under attack by homosexual rights activists, who view his work as anti-gay and want him fired.

Orson Scott Card is one of a team of writers and artists to create the new digital DC Comics product, “Adventures of Superman,” according to a report from Fox News. Mr. Card is a Mormon and vocal opponent of gay marriage. Fox News reported he once referred to same-sex marriage as the end of democracy in American and suggested “the left is at war with the family.”


Their petition, at, states: “[Mr. Card‘s] written publicly that he believes marriage equality would lead to the end of civilization. We need to let DC Comic know they can’t support Orson Scott Card or his work to keep LGBT people as second-class citizens. They know they’re accountable to their fans, so if enough of us speak out now, they’ll hear us loud and clear.”

WOW!  Who knew Superman was that important.  More amazing still is that I am one of the largest consumers of comic books you will ever know,  Seriously, you have no idea,  And if anything, comics are increasingly falling in line with the “gay agenda.”  There is nothing to protest here, honestly – even were I a proponent same-sex marriage.

But most interestingly is the designation of unmarried.members of the LGBT community as “second class.”  My wife and I did not meet and get married until around 40 years of age, and subsequently we are childless.  Certainly not the norm.  Are we “second class?”  I think we are given the way they are tossing around that term.  Should we protest and boycott?

But I do not want to argue the inanities of this particular battle in greater war,  Let’s keep moving – on to the sacred.  From the College Fix we learn:

A recent guest lecture at Swarthmore College by a prominent homosexual seminary professor highlighted a growing argument among the so-called queer community that Jesus was bisexual.

In particular, the Rev. Patrick Cheng, a professor at the Episcopal Divinity School in Massachusetts, told the students that Jesus was a subversive person and God’s way of “queering the world,” so to speak.

Cheng said Christ was “always coming out in the gospels” and that “Christ is God coming out.”

“At its heart, Christianity is queer,” Cheng told the students during the Feb. 7 talk. “It’s not just a matter of being tolerant. Christianity is queer at its core.”

Cheng, author of the 2011 book “Radical Love: An Introduction to Queer Theology,” as well as “From Sin to Amazing Grace: Discovering the Queer Christ,” published last year, argues queer theology essentially takes its cues from Jesus, who Cheng described in his speech as the ultimate boundary crosser.

“Queerness is at its heart radical love,” he said.

Cheng, who holds degrees from Harvard, Yale and Union Theological Seminary, and also blogs about religion and homosexuality on Huffington Post, emphasized during his speech that feminist and queer theorists such as himself build theology from their own experience.

I shake when I read that.  To get drawn again, briefly, into the specific argument, how can one “build theology from one’s own experience?”   Theology is, by definition, the study of the theos, the divine, you know GOD.  In that phrase “Rev.” Cheng has decided we are God.  That is to say if our experience is how we build our understanding of God then we are God,  So where is the difference between this definition of theology and sociology or psychology?

But again, I do not want to argue this.

What is most evident here is the aggressive, even hyper aggressive, attempt to paste their agenda onto every literally every aspect of life.  In light of such an assault, how do we respond?

We have assumed to now that simply living our lives would adequately communicate the counter message.  Married, religiously active families are by far the most prosperous and content in the nation.  That should speak for itself.  But in an age when the media can so pervasively skew perception, when the Avengers can come to life quite convincingly on the big screen, we cannot rely on people to merely digest the evidence in front of them.  In an age when government assistance in all its many and varied forms renders irrelevant the economic reasoning behind the nuclear family, we must do more.

It is also not enough to just  play defense.  We always look weak when defending.

The time has come for us to be as hyper-aggressive as they.  The attack on Card at DC is vile.  They would deny him his employment on that basis of his stance.  That is certainly a violation of Orson Scott Card’s civil liberties.  “Rev.” Cheng’s pronouncements are blasphemous.  Please recall that blasphemy is the crime of making ourselves God.  It is what Christ was crucified for.  The only difference is Christ WAS God.  I am more than reasonably confident that “Rev.” Cheng is not.

We can no longer sit quietly and let this stuff roll off our backs as the few making noise.  These are attacks.  These two stories are nuisance actions, they are not the main thrust of the war.  But they need response.  We have been losing the war to date by focusing a bit too much on the main battle axis and ignoring the thousands of little nuisance actions that impede our supply lines, dangerously erode our morale, and generally thin our ranks.

Note that the LGBT community will not be content with merely carving out a place for themselves in our greater society.  They intend to transform that society in every aspect, from the most profane to the most sacred to conform to their agenda.  They intend to eliminate our place in our greater society.  Forget religion and homosexuality – that is simply unAmerican.


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