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Is Now The Time?

Posted by: John Schroeder at 10:13 am, December 11th 2012     —    4 Comments »

Apparently, Orrin Hatch has a new book out – “An American, A Mormon and A Christian.”  I found out about it as he spoke with U.S. News about the fact that Mormons are Christians.

“People don’t think Mormons are Christian,” he tells Whispers. “That’s totally wrong. [As a Mormon] you can hardly move without hearing the name of Jesus Christ. We’re fervent believers in Jesus Christ.”

Although there are key differences between Mormonism and mainstream Christian doctrine, such as their understanding of creation, Mormons describe themselves as Christians.

The understanding of creation is one of the least significant differences between Mormons and traditional Christians.  This reveals a definite areligious bent to the article’s author.  Non-Christians are significantly hung-up on creation issues which are truly peripheral to almost any religion.   Atheists types use it as a red herring to keep from confronting the serious life-changing stuff that lies at the heart of faith.  And since atheists are generally lefties….

The book was published in September.  Clearly this date would indicate an attempt to aid Romney in his run.  So why is this coming up now?  Maybe it is because the left knows the thing we have been talking about, but that seems to remain the dirty little secret of 2012, anti-Mormon sentiment was a significant contributor to Romney’s defeat.  Given that Obama’s negotiating tactics on the fiscal cliff seemed more aimed at destroying the Republicans than bringing fiscal sanity to the nation, is it surprising the mags would seek to widen a divide that has put Republicans on the ropes?

On a different topic, noted Christian stats guy Ed Stetzer is declaring an to “nominal Protestantism.“  We will return to this “No duh” of a piece when we get the the next post in the “Open Letter” series.  But for the moment a brief comment.  He concludes that the fact that people no longer culturally identify with Christianity has led to “more vibrant” congregations.   Seems nonsensical to me – seems to me a vibrant congregation would be attractive enough that people would want to identify with it culturally.


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