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Yep, From The Left It Is Hatred

Posted by: John Schroeder at 07:10 am, November 20th 2012     —    3 Comments »

Apparently, for the election, the Orange County (California) Weekly ran a cover depicting Mitt Romney as the Angel Moroni.  Now they are complaining about the complaints they received.  I wish I could quote some of the piece but it is so full of obscenity that I cannot find sufficient material  to reprint without it.  Apparently obscenity substitutes for reason or arguments.  The heart of the defense seems to be that they work overtime to be rude, offensive and obscene about all religion, not just Mormonism.

I get it, being rude, offensive, and obscene is a problem only if you reserve it for certain groups.

One does not know how to refute this because there is not enough substance to grab onto to even begin to form a basis for discussion.  It is; however, clearly indicative of one of the hurdles we must overcome.  This is not disagreement, this is hatred.  We have always relied on the presumption that such hatred is a small minority, better left on the fringes than engaged.  The piece makes specific mention of same sex marriage and given that such prevailed in four states, one must begin to wonder if this hatred is now no longer such a fringe minority.

Some major rethinks are in order.


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