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Big And Little Questions

Posted by: John Schroeder at 07:02 am, November 12th 2012     —    3 Comments »

Big Question:

Were Christians winners or losers in the election or somewhere in between?  Here’s how we voted.

Little Question:

What if less than half a million people showed up or voted differently?  Romney would have won.  My father always said “What if” questions were a waste of time.  But then again, Dad never read comics.

Huge Question:

DO YOU REMEMBER when school cafeterias and restaurants around the nation served fish on Friday because our Catholic friends did not eat meat?  Apparently that change in practice created a void:

The Los Angeles City Council has declared every Monday to be a so-called ‘meatless Monday,’ and is urging all residents to participate in the weekly day of vegetarianism.

NBC Los Angeles reports that with the vote Los Angeles has become the largest city to embrace the Meatless Monday campaign, a nonprofit with the goal of cutting down on meat consumption for health and environmental reasons.

Neither city officials nor law enforcement will be allowed to force residents to not eat meat, The Los Angeles Daily News reports. Rather, the resolution is meant to encourage residents to not eat meat once a week in the hopes of starting a city-wide trend.

Somehow I think this goes back to the first question this post asked.  We HAVE to be engaged in politics and government because if we are not the alternatives will be.


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