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A Nation Transformed

Posted by: John Schroeder at 10:31 pm, November 6th 2012     —    2 Comments »

As I start to write it is a little after 11PM Eastern, 8PM Pacific.  The votes are still being counted, but we have not gained the Senate,  and as of about 30 seconds ago (as I write), they just called Ohio for Obama (though the numbers do not appear to justify the call to my untrained eye) and it appears to be over.

There is a lot of analysis to be carried on here and now is not the time for most of it.  But the fact that the nation has reelected this man under these circumstances indicates that something has changed radically in the hearts and minds of the American people.  We have voted for appeasement and economic sluggishness.  The marriage propositions are not fairing well at the moment, and that is a giant exclamation point on the idea that something very fundamental has changed in this nation.

I truly believe we are at a point in the nation’s history where we need to get back to basics.  At this point it is not about the vote – it is about the other institutions that help form the nation.  Somehow we have not inculcated in the nation’s voters the ability to soberly look at the situation and assess what is the best path for the nation – not just necessarily for themselves, or their emotional state.  No longer, it seems, do Americans wish to improve themselves, instead they seem simply satisfied with just getting by.  We seem to care less about morality than about feeling good.

While the politicians need to retool and retrench, there is much more needed.  We have got to work to take back the hearts and minds of the nation.  A conservative law professor friend of mine said to me a while back that he had watched the faculty of his law school turn slowly liberal because the conservatives did not ask about ideology when hiring, just credentials.  We have to change that.

In the world of Godblogs there has been a lot of talk that churches have become more political than religious.  I am not sure that is true, but they have been told people how to vote without telling them why – that has to change.

Clearly, new media has impacted, but not enough.  The MSM narrative has carried the day which means that not enough people have heard the narrative established on talk radio, Twitter and the blogs.

Like the Wolfman, we have clearly changed, but also like him we can change back, and we can take steps to defeat the curse permanently.  Right now we need to lick our wounds, but before the next full moon we need to take some steps to control the change before it wrecks too much damage.  Those steps need to be more than just in the political arena – schools, churches, civic organizations and new media  all need to be a part of defeating the curse.  This election is a clear challenge to pastors and priests, teachers and administrators, citizens and bloggers. – in other words pretty much all of us.

So here is the question I would have us ask tonight.  What are you going to do to help us lose the curse?


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