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Grasping At Straws…

Posted by: John Schroeder at 01:36 pm, October 18th 2012     —    3 Comments »

I am beginning to think I grossly overestimated Barack Obama.  Now of course, after almost four years of his administration it is virtually impossible to UNDERestimate his capabilities as president, but I must now call into question his political capabilities.  I have thought him a capable politician – after all, he did get elected on pretty much nothing last time.  But if what is happening now is any judge, his ’08 election was about everything BUT Barack Obama.

The last years of his non–governance have always had me thinking that he was behind the eight-ball in this campaign.  Therefore, I have expected this to be an ugly campaign.  Chief among the ugliness I have expected the race card and the Mormon card – possibly in tag-team action.  I have expected them to be played slickly and therefore effectively.  We are beginning to see them deployed, but they are being deployed in a fashion reminiscent of a drowning man reaching for anything that floats.  Such things are not useful if they are flung about, they must be carefully aimed and thoughtfully utilized so as to create maximal negative effect on your opponent without getting too much of the mess on yourself.

Instead, what have we got?

Well, the race card is being played over a comment Tagg Romney made on the radio.  Come on – after all the death threats and other nonsense Republicans have been treated to in recent years, this is a big deal racial issue?

And the Mormon card is trying to be played out of the “binders of women” thing – and not as a joke, despite yesterday.  Besides, when it comes to jokes about binders, this is the only one I have found funny to date.  Besides, for the Mormon card to be effective, it has to be aimed at peeling off Evangelicals, not echoing inside Leftland.  But check out these articles.

Oh, and remember Tuesday night when I said right after the debate:

Romney’s take down of the Obama lack-of-a-record and failure to live up to his ’08 campaign rhetoric was devastating – DEVASTATING!  That single couple of minutes by Romney decides the debate heavily in his favor.

Well, looks like the campaign folk agreed with me.

Folks, this is not a picture of effective political action – it really is a picture of a drowning man.  And so, I’m taking the weekend.

I’ll be at the Naval Academy watching my “nephew” play basketball and the Midshipmen play Indiana in football.  (Watching the Hoosiers play football is an exercise in futility I have not enjoyed for a couple of decades.)  I will next return to the Internet on Twitter Monday night during the debate and post either afterward or Tuesday morning, depending.

I leave you in Lowell and John Mark’s most capable of hands until then.


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