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The Media As Talking Dogs…

Posted by: John Schroeder at 06:11 am, September 19th 2012     —    15 Comments »

Michelle Malkin this morning:

Democrats need to change their party mascot from the donkey to the squirrel. They divert the media’s and the electorate’s short attention spans with fleeting, fuzzy objects — like the main canine character in the animated Pixar movie “Up,” who was easily distracted from his main thoughts and serious duties by every last little moving trifle.

Embassy attacks? Quick, find a squirrel! Warnings ignored? Squirrel! American troops killed by long-plotting jihadis exploiting security weaknesses? Squirrel! First Amendment sabotage by White House officials in the name of political correctness? Squirrel! Chronic joblessness, high gas prices, exploding dependency? Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel!

That is absolutely brilliant.  It finally dawned on me after reading why the latest cry of “squirrel” – the 47% thing – struck me as more effective than the previous ones.  Romney has been making great headway post-convention given all the testimony at the convention of his personal generosity.  The 47% thing is an actual counter to that, not merely a distraction.  The 47% lays open the debate about HOW Americans are generous.  On the one hand we have Mitt Romney being privately very charitable and on the other we have Barack Obama using the force of government to play Robin Hood.  After all – he actually believes in redistribution.  As I said the other day:

And Mr. President, could you please tell me where in the Bible it says to TAKE money from someone  to use to “care for the least of these?”  I think that command is telling me what to do with MY money – not telling YOU what to do with my money.  Not a winning point there Mr. Obama.

I don’t know about the precision of Romney’s numbers, but what I do know is that there is a class of people whose votes he cannot win and whose redistributive desires put the government into the thievery business.  And so this again is an attempt to cry squirrel – “Look at Romney’s ‘meanness,’ not at our thievery.”

And they are going to keep crying “squirrel.”  This story is single sourced (HT: Roger Kimball) so it could be a red herring, but if true…

The U.S. State Department is actively considering negotiations with the Egyptian government for the transfer of custody of Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as “the Blind Sheikh,” for humanitarian and health reasons, a source close to the the Obama administration told TheBlaze.

Well, the Brits did it for the Pan-Am bomber….  They’re going to need a really, really big squirrel if that proves to be true.

And increasingly stories are appearing the the great Mormon/Evangelical divide is no divide at all – Christian PostWashington PostVOA.  And the latest Gallup poll among registered voters, that shows Obama’s “lead” as non-existent, when broken down by religion affiliation shows Romney with a commanding 53-40 lead amongst Protestants.

And in the New York Times, of all places, there appeared an extended philosophical discussion of the good things about Mormon theology.  I think this guy must have read our own JMR.  It would appear that the Mormon card is no squirrel.

The media, ably lead by the Obama campaign, does look good in the talking collars though.


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