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What’s Up With That?!

Posted by: John Schroeder at 06:15 am, April 19th 2012     —    Comment on this post »

Categories are defied this day.

Let’s start with a media campaign I ran across yesterday.  USA Network (yeah, the cable TV outlet) is running a campaign, “I Won’t Stand for…“:

Each of us, whoever we are, wherever we live, can do something to fight intolerance and hate. All we have to do is say, simply, I won’t stand for it!

The only religion reference I have found is Islam.  Among major religions today, only one has a branch that has plotted and killed thousands of people – including 3000 of my countrymen in a most spectacular fashion. Now that is something I will not stand for.  Meanwhile a faith that was once virtually exiled from the nation and wants nothing more than to be viewed as normative gets verbally pilloried at turn after turn after turn.

What’s up with that?

Alec MacGillis at TNR:

I’ll say it again—at this point Romney supporters probably need to stop imagining that there are some golden anecdotes out there that, all on their own, are going to magically humanize the candidate. Romney knows talking about his years as a Mormon lay minister means bringing up the time he urged one woman to continue her pregnancy over doctor’s orders, and urged another to give her baby up for adoption or risk being kicked out of the church. He knows telling the story about his and his sons’ Jet-Ski rescue of a stranded motorboat means reminding voters of his huge lakeside estate in New Hampshire. And he surely knows that telling the story about his Bain & Co. rescue means talking about federal bailouts. Heck, the one time in recent weeks when he did try to tell a nice story, he ended up laughing over his father’s layoffs of hundreds of Michigan workers. So let’s face it: Romney’s campaign has plenty of reasons to hope for a November win. But anecdotes aren’t going to do it.

MacGillis has a point here, although I think the phrase “humanize the candidate” is most unfortunate.  Having met Mitt Romney I can assure you he is quite human.  He is an exceptional human, but quite human.  Which raises the real question from my perspective.  It seems we define our humanity anymore not by our achievements, but by our failings.  To be really “human” one has to have made a hash of things visibly, humiliatingly, and generally more than once.  Talk about “defining down.”

What’s up with that?

New statistics:

Romney now possesses a particularly large lead over Obama among white evangelicals (73 to 20 percent) and white Catholics (57 to 37 percent). Religiously unaffiliated Americans largely support Obama (67 to 26 percent).

Americans who attend religious services weekly favor Romney (56 to 38 percent) while those who attend less often support Obama (56 to 37 percent).

After a primary that could practically be defined as Evangelicals playing “anybody but Romney” with a full orchestra, that’s just stunning.

What’s up with that?  (I don’t really need to ask, but we’re trying a literary device here.)

Someone is finally noticing.  Big Government:

CNN has been having repeated discussions about Romney, his religion and the 2012 race. At MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell had the same conversation. Is the mainstream press starting a coordinated attack on Romney by attempting to drum up suspicion of Mormons, inciting voters and hoping it will be a self-fulfilling prophesy?

What’s up with that?  Never mind – we ALL know what’s up with that!


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