There sure is a lot of Mormon talk given that the administration has promised not to make it an issue.  But then do they really need to?  They have the MSM to do it for them.  Sarah Pulliam Bailey asks:

Romney is Mormon: How many reminders do we need?

Apparently a lot if it will help Obama win reelection.  Remember yesterday when we looked at a call by Ralph Reed for Romney to “reach out?”  Well guess what, he is:

Mitt Romney, while ramping up efforts to win swing voters who will play a large role in November’s election, has remained personally involved in trying to persuade conservative leaders to back him and help drive Republican turnout this fall.

Just maybe not the conservatives Ralph Reed thinks he should.  Jacques Berlinerblau wrote a guest piece for WaPo giving Romney some advice on how to talk about religion:

Forget about those evangelicals who will never give you a fair shake:…And campaign hard among the evangelicals who will.

I think maybe that is exactly what is going on.  Tobin Grant at Christianity Today did a very standard “Will Evangelicals…?” piece airing both positive and negative voices on the issue.  I am growing tired of such pieces.  They say nothing really. “On the one hand…on the other….”  The essential question is who will win most of the votes?  Because “evangelical” is a self-applied label and means so many things to so many people in the final exit polls it is likely to line up in accordance with general populace voting patterns, which is why the Berlinerblau idea is the important one.

Yesterday we saw race emerging as the new “code” for MormonBrad Hirschfeld sees a similar code emerging in the “secrecy” meme as we did yesterday.  Said Hirschfeld:

The White House has consistently insisted that it would not make religion an issue in the presidential race, but with questions such as those raised by Axelrod, you have to wonder. Given the concerns expressed by large numbers of Americans about the Mormon faith and the LDS church, questions about what Romney “believes” and “what he stands for,” easily pass for thinly veiled references to the candidate’s faith.

“The ‘secrecy’ charge is particularly damaging for Romney because it is a clever way for Obama to exploit some Americans’ discomfort with Romney’s Mormon faith without ever raising the issue directly,” wrote Post columnist Marc A. Thiessen Monday.

Given the ongoing concerns expressed by Obama supporters about criticisms directed at the president which are little more than thinly veiled race-baiting, the Obama campaign needs to be especially cautious about this kind of talk. They need to be better disciplined when raising issues which they fully appreciate have the very real potential of pandering to the worst kind of anti-Mormon bias, especially given the ugly way in which some of the president’s detractors continue to question the his faith in baseless ways which pander to American haters of Islam.

Interesting, and threatening – He who lives by can indeed die by.

Someone has finally seen yet another “code” that I thought was in play but did not want to be the first one to name it and start the furor:

Ann Romney was already fully immersed in stay-at-home motherhood — raising five sons, ages six to 16, in her Belmont home — when Mormon prophet Ezra Taft Benson took to a pulpit on February 22, 1987 and delivered a definitive sermon on gender roles in the church titled, “To the Mothers of Zion.”

His message to working moms: “Come home.”

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