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Truce Called, How Long Will It Last?

Posted by: John Schroeder at 06:06 am, April 13th 2012     —    6 Comments »

Larry O’Donnell apologized:

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Here’s the background, and the follow-up.  (We had a couple of other follow-ups on people attempting to defend O’Donnell and related bigotries that resulted, but this is about O’Donnell.)  Essentially he apologizes for “inaccuracies” but remains on the attack at Romney.  Some are trying to brush this incident off with a good face, but O’Donnell, and many others, miss the primary point.

He says that he was making a point that Romney was bigoted about secularists, he even plays a clip of Romney.  Romney was engaged in a debate about the role of religion or irreligion in the public square. O’Donnell, even had he been accurate in his discussion of Mormon history, was engaged in an effort to squelch religion.  There is a big difference that seems to completely escape O’Donnell.

Apology accepted as far as it goes, but this is not over.

Mormons are afraid of what is to comeProv 27:17Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. (NAS) ‘Nuff Said.

This is rich irony – NPR, yes THAT NPR, with a piece entitled “How To Rally The Base, And Other Advice For Romney From Former Foes.”  The piece is not bad really, I just could not stop laughing when I saw it.

Let us close with a quote from Peggy Noonan’s look at lessons learned from the primary:

Evangelicals are an ever-dominant part of the base, but they don’t march in lockstep. Like all huge blocs they encompass all levels of affluence, education, attainment and aspiration. But one thing was clear this year: The old evangelical reserve, or animosity, toward Catholics is dead. It was the Mormon who carried the Catholic vote. The Catholic Mr. Santorum drew evangelical Protestants. America is great in part because it’s always scrambling its categories and changing its clichés.


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