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The Rumble Is ON!

Posted by: John Schroeder at 11:13 am, April 4th 2012     —    14 Comments »

This morning I thought I was being cute with videos – turns out I was prophetic, and late.  Instead of “let’s get ready to rumble” – the rumble is on!  Just an hour ago, Lowell showed us Joe Klein.  And now – thanks to David French, we have our old friend Larry O’Donnell:

Two quick comments here.  Firstly, this is so utterly transparent.  Now that it is apparent to all but the delusional that Romney has the primary sewn up, the left has decided to start shoot.  I started Politico’s new eBook this morning and it seems to be singing the same tune, though in a muted fashion.  I honestly thought the left would be smarter than this kind of frontal assault, but they are not playing this for the general just yet – what they are trying to do is create a revolt inside the Republican caucus.  As David French said:

If You’re An Evangelical Who Doesn’t Like Mormons, You Should Still Be Outraged At This

We cannot take this bait.  These kinds of assaults – the “weirdness” of proxy baptism, polygamy as a justification for illicit sex – may have some appeal if you think Mormonism a “false” religion.  But here is the thing.  In a religiously pluralistic society like ours, if it stands against them, something similar will stand against us.  For example, there is the old canard that has floated in back rooms for years that Jesus wasn’t celibate, he was gay.  Let’s say for a minute that Larry O’Donnell passed that one off – I don’t think we’d sit still for it for very long.  Now, Mormons don’t equate Joseph Smith with Christ, so don’t lay that on me – but they do revere him and O’Donnell has gravely insulted them.

These attacks by Klein and O’Donnell are no different really than Obama’s attempts to force contraceptive insurance coverage down the throats of our Catholic friends.  They are straightforward attempts to stifle, control, and limit the religious voice.  We cannot stand for it – we must in fact unite against it.

Lowell adds . . .

Update: Thanks to a tweet by Guy P. Benson, here’s an excerpt from Kevin Williamson’s NRO response to O’Donnell:

I am announcing the creation of a new award, which I will call the Golden Ass, to be presented to those who resort to anti-Mormon bigotry in their campaign against Mitt Romney. Today’s Golden Ass is Lawrence O’Donnell, an asinus aureus if ever there was one, an ass of exceptional asininity.

Read the whole thing.


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