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It’s Over – So Here It Comes

Posted by: John Schroeder at 05:59 am, March 29th 2012     —    4 Comments »

I think the headlines tell the tale.  Fox News:

Rubio endorses Romney, saying he’s ‘earned’ it

Well, that is certainly a big fish.  But like the Jedi said to Jar-Jar – “There is always a bigger fish.” Bloomberg:

George H.W. Bush to Endorse Romney Thurs.

Which brings us to the New York Daily News:

GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney moves into mop-up phase of race for Republican presidential nomination

Clear indications that the tone around here is going to change.  As the Romney campaign pivots, so does the press.  USAToday:

Before politics, Mitt Romney was a Mormon bishop

Yep folks, in the “mop up phase,” we will be treated to numerous background analysis pieces, like there have not been thousands written already, and they will open the door to the Mormon chatter.  Sometimes sarcasm can be used to answer the charges:

The operation is so slick, in other words, that the politicians who are being controlled by the Mormon Church don’t even know that they’ve been lobbied. Ingenious.

Of course not, didn’t you see “The Manchurian Candidate?”  You see, during his mission in France, Romney was secretly brainwashed….  I should not write that, someone will think I am serious.  It is going to get weird though.  Did you know some Mormons disagree with Romney?

Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith isn’t enough to persuade all his coreligionists to vote for him….  “I personally think Mitt Romney’s foreign policy is egregious and at odds with the principles of his faith,” said the group’s organizer. “One can look at these talks from prophets and see that Romney is out of touch with them.”

Man they are devious – they brainwashed people to all sides of the political spectrum just to cover their tracks.  Again, I should exercise care, someone will think I am serious.  Which brings me to the funniest piece I have read in a while:

How Mitt Romney Is the Second Coming of Barry Goldwater

In case you missed the primary campaign just concluded, which this writer clearly did, Romney was not “conservative enough” to win the nomination.  They do not come any more conservative that Barry Goldwater.  But of course, now that Romney is the presumptive nominee, the liberals will need to make him the most ultra-right, mouth-breathing neanderthal in history.

Maybe we should call the “mop up phase ” “silly time?”


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