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Pathetic In Its Predictablility

Posted by: John Schroeder at 06:28 am, March 23rd 2012     —    5 Comments »

They say the most dangerous animal is the fatally wounded one.  Santorum’s comments yesterday about Romney being virtually the same as Obama seem to prove that point.  I’m gonna cut the guy a break because of the position he is in, but he crossed a line and needs to wise up pretty quickly or risk everything.  Chris Cillizza yesterday:

“If Santorum runs a principled campaign and then concedes graciously then he has a big future ahead,” said Steve Schmidt, who managed McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. “If he runs a character campaign attacking Romney, then Santorum’s future is more limited.”

That about sums it up.

The General Has Begun…

I had expected, in death throes similar to Santorum’s, that the anti-Romney forces on the right would draw the Etch-a-Sketch to Mormonism line.  That the line would be drawn was terribly predictable, I was just wrong about who would draw it.  Instead it came from the left.  We were treated to it from The Economist, The Atlantic and Slate.  In some it is a direct line, in others a glancing blow, but it is there.

The take-away is this.  The anti-Mormon right has gone away to lick its wounds.  They are sinking back into theology and making excuses – claiming more victim status that Mormons.  (The idea of religious freedom, by the way, is to make it possible for us all to be winners.  It’s really sad to discuss who is the biggest loser.)  Unlike Santorum, they appear to wish to live to fight another day.

The battle with Obama is on.

One more sign of such is this Harper’s piece portraying, in less than flattering prose, Mormons as uber-capitalists.  I understand that is problematic to some, but they are diehard Obama voters anyway.

Santorum is likely to win in Louisiana tomorrow.  Doesn’t change my analysis here one whit.  Just remember it is about delegates and less than half of the state’s delegates are at stake in a very convoluted process.   The most that can really happen is that Santorum’s death throes will be extended, and ably aided by the press.  Santorum would be smart to bear in mind the Steve Schmidt quote above throughtout the weekend.


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