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The Day Romney Seals The Deal?

Posted by: John Schroeder at 06:17 am, March 20th 2012     —    3 Comments »

To the polls in Illinois.  The latest polling indicates Romney should win, and maybe big.  Should Romney win by more than five points the press, which is beginning to show signs of waking up already, will have to declare it “over.”  Santorum and Gingrich will not agree, but come on.  Some people still don’t get it:

Political pundits believe that Rick Santorum’s rhetoric, grounded in conservative religious principles, will appeal to both Catholic and Evangelicals while a poll conducted by the Paul Simon Institute at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in 2010 found that a majority of registered voters in the state of Illinois would never vote for a Mormon. However, more recent polls have revealed that Romney is neck-in-neck with Rick Santorum, which may mean Republican voters in Illinois may be paying less attention to Romney’s Mormon faith.

Just a minute here.  Romney just won Puerto Rico, like 80% Catholic, by a landslide.  Santorum has yet to win the Catholic vote in any primary.  (I guess they do not read the exit polls at Southern Illinois U.)  And then there is this headline:

Evangelicals Voting in Record Numbers During GOP Primaries

OK, that headline should contain an enormous lesson.  Santorum is carrying the Evangelical vote pretty heavily, and yet Romney has a huge lead in the fight for the nomination.  So, if Evangelicals are voting in “record numbers” there are clearly not enough of them to carry the day.  Thus, if Evangelicals want to matter, they need to quit playing identity politics and start playing team ball.  This time around they cannot even play “spoiler.”

The press turn is interesting.  Before the meme developed that Santorum could defeat Romney, he did get some religious attack, but now that that has ended, the Opus Dei, religious extremest attacks have begun anew.  And the “weak frontrunner” meme is gaining new life.  There is some fresh stuff too.

Apparently, flip-flop is a Mormon trait?!

The press is pawing over Mitt Romney’s religion, and the candidate may just welcome this scrutiny. It marks him as a man of active faith and diverts attention from an issue that necessarily plagues him: Mitt Romney, flip-flopper.

Critics point shrilly to well over a dozen strong positions he has conveniently changed on issues like health care, minimum wage, and gay rights. In response, Romney pleads learning curve. He’s adapted, he says, to “new information.” In the business world, non-adapters get fired.

Still Mormons themselves, who, a recent Gallop poll says, are the most conservative major religious group in the U.S , have not all been convinced. Fellow Latter-day Saint Glenn Beck, at least, wants it known that it’s not just Obama: “Mitt Romney is a socialist too.” Yet, if Romney’s concessions to changing political environments have upset even some Mormons—they are not uncharacteristic of the church to which he belongs. Mormonism has its own history of political accommodation.

Friends, know this for what it is – this is a liberal take on the “Mormons lie” meme.  Maybe it’s not so fresh after all.  The bottom line on this presentation is simple – every church has changed with the political and cultural climate.  The CJCLDS suffers from a compressed history of such and a uniquely American history of such, but anybody that knows anything about the history of the Christian church, or the Jewish for that matter, can see such changes.  This is not argument, it is pure spin.


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