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Catholics, Mormons and Jews – Oh My!

Posted by: John Schroeder at 07:12 am, February 16th 2012     —    5 Comments »

Religion swirls everywhere!  Three story lines:

Posthumous Baptism

This practice, uncontroversial to Mormons, can be highly controversial to others.  The CJCLDS understands the controversy and is working very hard to fix it.  What I do not understand is why it is an issue for Romney.  Did Romney personally posthumously baptize any Holocaust victims?  Not to my knowledge.  But then, as Alana Goodman points out:

It’s an issue Democrats will undoubtedly raise if Romney’s the nominee, as it’s a way to bring up the unorthodox practices of the Mormon Church under the auspices of religious tolerance and respect for Holocaust victims.

So why hasn’t Romney come out and condemned the baptism of the Wiesenthal parents yet? He has every reason to do so. The church has already officially prohibited them, and Romney’s family has a history of standing up to controversial practices in the Mormon Church.

Yep, what we have here is politicking.  Very Democrat Jews are choosing the time most convenient to make an issue out of a Mormon practice.  I don’t think we need to go any farther than that really.  Should Romney “apologize” or “correct” the church?  Of course not – what he should do is point out the naked political motivations  involved in making a religious stink now.  It’s not like the CJCLDS just started doing this.

Hidden Religious References

This really got under my skin:

Rick Santorum has become the Tim Tebow of politics.

Like the Denver Broncos quarterback, Santorum has been met with derision by critics, only to pull off the seemingly impossible more than once. He has embraced the comparison, imitating the player’s signature pose with supporters in Colorado earlier this month.

While Rick Perry said in a December debate that he had hoped to be the Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses, Santorum seems the better fit.

The question is whether Santorum will get to, and then win, his last game.

The piece then goes on to do straight political analysis of why Santorum, like Tebow, is unlikely to go all the way.  But come on! Tebow’s “signature pose” is prayer and his appeal lies as much in his overt religiosity as it does in his last minute heroics.  The amount of  “Tebow is God’s choice to win the Super Bowl” that circulated during the playoffs qualified as an avalanche.

Niall Stanage wins my vote for “sneakiest” religious reference to date in the campaign.

Talking Contraception Continues

The motivations behind the HHS ruling are becoming increasingly apparent as we learn that the Daily Kos is urging its readers in open primary states to play the same game:

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas has launched a campaign to make life difficult for Mitt Romney, by encouraging Democrats to vote for Rick Santorum in open primary and caucus states.

Unfortunately, in all this politics, the Catholic church has a real problem on its hands.  Thus offering evidence for one of our primary theses here – when religion gets caught up in politics, religion loses because 1) it loses its proper focus and 2) it ends up ceding its natural authority to political authority.

But this ploy to muck in our primary on Obama’s part may be coming to an end.  Said David Axelrod:

Mr. Axelrod believes that as voters continue to learn more about Mr. Santorum’s polarizing views on social issues, he may see a decline in popularity.

The venom is already starting to flow.  Team Obama knows there is an end to this rope, if they are not careful they will find it the hard way.  (Of course, if you are in the “Obama’s a disguised commie” camp there is another angle.)


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