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We Squabble While They Take Aim

Posted by: John Schroeder at 08:50 am, January 15th 2012     —    4 Comments »

Latest Polling – Romney up in South Carolina by 21 points!  I never, ever thought I would see numbers like that there.  I had hope Romney might squeak on out in SC, but 21 points?!  One is tempted to start using words like “juggernaut” and “steamroller,” but smart people don’t do that in politics – thing change too quickly.

South Carolina has clearly changed.  Evangelicals cannot make up your mind(?!), but the polling seems to indicate the voters are well on their way to doing so.   Things get personal and the voters make it clear it is time to unite.  We seem to be able to get it together on issues, so why all the sturm und drang when it comes to picking a POTUS nominee?  Why do we still see things that try to help but don’t help – like this.

It seems like the voters have figured out what the apparent Evangelical political leadership cannot.  Those leaders went and picked Santorum to hoist their banner yesterday.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I like Santorum.  In point of fact Santorum is probably closer to me on a whole host of issues than Romney – but this is not about who looks like me – this is about who can win and move the ball closer to my goals.  Unlike some of the other goofs in this thing, should Santorum somehow prevail, I would not have to hold my nose to cast my vote in the general – but at this point it seems pretty apparent he is not going to prevail – So, “What’s up ‘Evangelical Leaders’?”

Even The Left Has It Figured Out

They have a Romney book coming out.  Here’s all you really need to know:

Mitt Romney‘s business career, faith, family and 2008 presidential campaign get a closer look in “The Real Romney,” a book coming out Tuesday on the GOP front-runner by Boston Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman.

If it is from Globe reporters, you can bet it’s a hit piece.  As the WSJ look just link reveals – its thesis is not reportage, but finding fault.  And despite the fact it does not come out until Wednesday, the advance copies littered about the pundit class are giving them all sorts of ammo.  WaPo hit hard and Maureen Dowd went low, even for her:

Romney’s religion pulls a curtain over parts of his life story because some important moments for Mormons are restricted to Mormons. After Mitt and Ann were married in Michigan in 1969, they flew to the Mormon temple in Salt Lake City for a ceremony where Mitt wore white robes and they were “sealed” for eternity. But Ann’s parents were not Mormon, so they were not allowed inside to see it.

Oh yeah, and they are warming up the racism knives too.  It seems apparent that the left has also figured out that they will be facing Mitt Romney in the fall, and they are preparing for war.

And So, “Evangelical Leaders”…

…there is little left to say.  We have said over and over and over again on this blog, but apparently you have chosen to ignore it.  I have no rhetoric left.  This video is dedicated to you.


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