Thanksgiving Week – Let’s Pray for Quiet

But that is simply inappropriate in a candidate for the presidency.  How much time have we spent berating the current president because he makes the nation look weak?  From bows to policy, this guy is making us out to be wimps.  Well folks, crying in public, especially about personal matters, does not help things one bit.

Yeah, we’ve seen presidents well up at the Tomb of the Unknown (when they bother to show up on time) or in salute to the flag or other patriotic situations, but we have not seen them cry over personal loss and difficulty, even though they have all had it.  If you are Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and you see the president crying at the tomb of his nation’s war dead, you think he is going to come away perhaps a bit angry at those that kill his citizens, and you may fear him a tad.  But if you see a president cry over this kind of stuff, you see weakness, same as if the president bows.

Not to mention this all came in the context of these candidates discussing their personal foibles.  In the modern political age, confession of such matters is important, but emotional outbursts over them are inappropriate.  Yeah, Newt Gingrich has taken a lot of heat over whether his professed confessions of his infidelities are “genuine,” and tears make them appear so, but at what cost?  If the tears are genuine they give an enemy a place to strike the Commander in Chief in psychological warfare – plain and simple.  Heck, even in trade negotiations, such hot buttons can be pressed.

Yes, I want to be in a “small group” with Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich – I want to minister to them and share with them.  But do I want them leading the free world?  Not if this sort of public display is to become the norm.  The stuff of nations is bigger and more important than our personal problems, our leaders HAVE to reflect that.

Important reading…

Obama’s policies are targeting Catholics.  So say Michael Gerson and Russell Shaw.  There is much talk of keeping religion out of politics, but the reason the religious voice has become so vociferous is because politics keeps getting into religion’s business.  There is a lesson there.  What religion has traditionally attempted to accomplish by developing character, our political opponents wish to accomplish by political force.  The first option acts in freedom, the second in oppression.

Only an organ edited by Alexander Cockburn could turn a good argument about religious bigotry into a far left screed against conservative policies.  Key sentence:

The fact that religious bigotry plays any role at all is because of the extremely conservative nature of the Republican base.

And there you have it – BACKFIRE!

And this from Israel:

For most Jews, [ed. note: this really applies to virtually all non-Christians] especially the Orthodox, Christians and Mormons are virtually identical….

That is extremely important.  It does not just make us natural political allies, but it also bolsters my point what harms one of us harms the other.  Every time we shoot at each other, from the perspective of anyone but us, the result is a self-inflicted wound.  We become the army that could not shoot straight.

And Now Snarkiness…

Couldn’t happen to nicer people.

He should know.

“Dumb” is inadequate.

Why do libertarians think they are funnier, cuter and smarter than the rest of us?  It blunts good points when they have them.

Michael Kinsley is accelerating the rapid decline of the LATimes.

The NYTimes:

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