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Quick Reads and Hits

Posted by: John Schroeder at 05:33 am, April 21st 2011     —    1 Comment »

Excited?  Way Too Early!

USAToday says all our candidates are “flawed.”

Polling seems to agree.

As John Pitney points out – It’s WAAAAAY early.  Smart lefties know.  There are lots of distractions.

However the race plays out, new media will play big.


Got faint praise from the Boston Globe!!There is some piling on.

John Fund says he doesn’t need it.

CBS gave him a picture gallery.

He beat the Donald like a drum.

He took a serious shot at Obama and hit the target in the bullseye.

Ben Smith at Politico seems to be trying to single-handedly revive the Mormon question.  That first link contains this whopper:

Jon Huntsman’s engagement in South Carolina poses a threat to Mitt Romney for the obvious reason — two former governors with vaguely similar profiles occupy the same space — and for a less obvious one: Huntsman threatens the lowered expectations in the heavily Evangelical Protestant early states of South Carolina and, by extension, Iowa.

“Being a Mormon had nothing to do with Romney’s problems here,” Huntsman consultant-in-waiting Ricahrd Quinn tells RealClearPolitics. “It was being Romney that was his problem.”

UH-Huh? Where did Romney get his very first Mormon challenge last time?  Her name was Cyndi Mosteller and the place was South Carolina.   In these posts Smith seems to be acting as shill for the Huntsman backers in SC, not reporting facts on the ground.  (See comments below on “enthrall” for a clue as to what may really be going on.)

Speaking of the Donald…

…He keeps trying to act seriously.  But smart people are not buying.


…Keeps being very serious, even if others keep writing bad punsThe view from Minnesota.

The Huckster…

Polls well, but can’t decide.  But those around prove that he, and they, are a silly distraction.


seems to be where the Huckster is.  But that’s not news.


…Continues to enthrall the left, staring into the lion’s mouth.

He had a “Mormon analysis” done this week, and it drew comment.  I still think it’s a way to backhand Romney on religion.


Gingrich has trouble raising money.

Barbour just has trouble.

Thompson gets it.

Readin’ ‘Bout Religion

HEHWonder what will happen here?

Morality and budgets.

Richard Land – good stuff.

If it doesn’t matter, why write so much?

Dennis Prager has a point.

Our old friend Wayne Grudem interviewed.


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