Debates? – Now? Too Much POTUS ’12 News For The Week Before Christmas ’10

Consider this post an official protest.  We have four debates announced already (though no one is committing to them) and as I stare at the stack of stuff I set aside for this reading list post – I am flabbergasted.  Clearly the media wants to tell Republicans how to run their primary.  They are doing so with all these debate announcements and they are doing so in particular with this election to try and save Obama’s hide.  That they are trying to do so at all is bad enough in principle, but out of obviously loyalty to a particular candidate while claiming neutrality just stinks.

With the holiday well in hand, I am sorely tempted to ignore most of it, there is little news, despite much coverage – but a big part of our job here is to try and condense all this nonsense for our readers – but we write under protest.  We should be with loved ones celebrating the birth of Christ, or whatever else it is you choose to celebrate this time of year.  We certainly should not, less than two months after a national election just concluded, be discussing the next national election two years away.  But here we are – blame the media.

Of Course, We Do Not Help…

…We have all those media candidates.  They are feeding the media beast.  Sarah Palin is, of course, the queen of the media candidates.  She is a leader, but she is no candidate, her polling is awful.  She has done some good stuff, but it just is not happening for her electorally.  And like most media stars, they shine brightly for a moment and then fade – causing them to seek new fuel.

Then there is the Huckster whose star has already faded looking for space on the media stage wherever he can find it.  Frankly, it’s unbecoming.

And amazingly, with those few sentences the pile of stuff is cut in half.  That should be instructive to our readers.

There Was Some Serious Business…

The tax deal of the week past may be the first event that actually affects the 2012 race.  Romney took the lead in criticizing it.  And got some good coverage out of the deal.  John Thune shot back.   Or did heSome cast this as the first serious showdown of POTUS ’12, GOP style.  And despite what people are saying this thing was not an “Obama” victory.  It was a draw with the tie breaker going to the American people, which may be all we can expect under the circumstances.

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