Shift, Revival, Civil War? – Tea Parties, Value Voters Summits – All That and more

Last week was one of those weeks that we should have been posting nearly daily, but both of us suffer from having “real” jobs and sometimes we do have to pay the bills.  But that said, let’s dive in, and all pray that as the 2010 election season comes to a head, Lowell and I can make adjustments to go back into POTUS election season mode.

Judging The Game From Batting Practice

The meme of the week was that the GOP is in full Civil War, and some were trying to figure out how it will play in 2012.  But mostly they are on the left and trying to make as much trouble as they can.  Some are looking through the very skewed lens that is Iowa.  There is one bit of wisdom from this later link though:

…Republicans are heavily focused on maximizing their possible gains in the November midterm elections.

Yeah, I think that explains it.  2012 talk is a bit early don’t ya know.  Yes we are keeping an eye on the possibles, but it is way too early to determine trends or actions.  For one thing saying there are a lot of GOP contenders is silly.  Thinking and talking about running are very different than actually running.  Obama’s utter failure in office is chum in the water – it’s drawing everybody out of the woodwork because they see an opportunity.  But at this point in the game the precise opportunity has yet to be determined – for some of the names in consideration, even many, “power broker” and “media presence” is what they are looking for.

And speaking of batting practice…

…the Values Voters Summit, 2010 edition…

…was this past weekend – and there was little news.  That did not keep the left from trying to make trouble out of it however.  Some tried to stir it up beforehandsome got toughsome got ugly – and some got downright mean.

Mike Pence!? won the straw poll, which for some created another opportunity for mischief.

But the real issue, from my perspective seems to be that the whole thing was just petulant.

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