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Greeting From Bed!

Posted by: John Schroeder at 12:30 pm, April 19th 2010     —    6 Comments »

So, While I Was Away…

Not that much happened really, and I am not completely back either, but ain’t technology grand.  I can blog from my recovery bed and since this is not a paying gig, I can risk incoherency.  But there was some interesting discussion.

“First Things” broke out all over about whether Mormons are Christians or not.  I know I will be accused of saying this just becasue I like Romney for POTUS, but that is a huge distraction of a discussion from a web site/series of blogs dedicated to Christian engagement with culture.  Precisely how does the question affect culture – it deeply affects religious truth, but stopping abortion is stopping abortion.  Although, this does matter, people should at least be allowed the honored of being quoted properly and names as they wish to be named,

Joe Carter opines that Evangelicals are like a “herd of Unicorns.“  I am going to agree with Joe to an extent here.  Frankly, I blame Evangelicalism.  Says Carter:

Forty years later, we evangelicals still haven’t caught up on issues of the sanctity of life. Come to the annual March for Life held in Washington, D.C. every January and you’ll find fifty Catholics for every evangelical. For Catholics it is a moral, spiritual, and political issue. For evangelicals it nothing more than an emotional issue that we aren’t really dedicated to doing much about.

That, in a nutshell, describes the difference between Catholic and Evangelical approaches to most everything.  But one important thing to note – it makes Evangelicals persuadable and swing voters.  Think about it.

Candidate News…

Pawlenty in the Huckabee role?  Not happening – I actually like Pawlenty a lot better than I like Huckabee, but it takes real charisma to pull that off and Tim is a little low in that department.

Speaking of Huckabee, seems he has been spinning a little hard lately.  Here it is from Taegen Goddard and from the AJC.  Wish I could say I was surprised.

I don’t get this.  EFM are our friends, I have asked many of my friends to vote for Romney.  I know people close to Romney, heck I even know Romney.  What’s wrong here?  Or is writing with conspiratorial overtones all that matters anymore?

Religion News…

Yes, as religious people we are under attack.  some of it is silly, and some of it is heinous.   The latter matters – a lot.

This is a sober approach to a real problem.  We all have problems, it is best to face them straightforwardly.

OK, back to recovery.


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