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Who’s Running For What – Evangelical News – and more…

Posted by: John Schroeder at 06:51 am, October 22nd 2009     —    3 Comments »

The stack of stuff has grown, once again, quite deep.  I apologize that I have not been able to link to all of it on Twitter as we compiled it, but we did get the meatiest of it up over the last few days.  So if you want to stay as up-to-the-minute as your humble bloggers, be sure and follow us on Twitter.  We also find a nice little community building on Facebook.  Join us there where there is opportunity for extended discussion.  Who knows, you might even get a little insight into the personal lives of your humble bloggers – we’re still trying to figure out how best to use this stuff.  Your insights there are welcome.

Shot At Mormons?

Oh yeahSlate has named President Monson the nation’s most influential octogenarianSlate’s anti-Mormon bias is well known to regular readers of this blog as their editor Jacob Weisberg penned the most bigoted single line of all of Campaign ’08 – “the founding whoppers of Mormonism.”  In declaring President Monson “powerful,” they are purposefully evoking the image of Mormons as entranced followers of a “cult.”  It would be pathetic if so many Evangelicals were not willing to buy into it.  And the left is far from done with its Mormon bashing.

So, Who’s Running and Why?


Prevaricates?  Well, not really – no one actually decides this early, but this quote does point out something I know from personal exposure to the man:

“Clearly, if President Obama happened to be doing a great job, as I had hoped he would do when he got elected, why, that would influence my thoughts,”

Mitt Romney is in this not because he wants to be president, but because he wants to serve the best interests of the nation.  That is an important distinction and one many candidates over look.  There was a local TV spot looking at his future, showing Romney doing what his real concentration is right now – helping Republicans win.  Does that make him the party’s “head” while Palin is its “heart”?  Which brings us to…


Some think there is more to her than just “heart.  Some think, and I tend to agree, she will not run.  Her communication strategy is more audience building that constituency building.  Facebook, by its nature, has “edges to the tent” useful as a tool for the very committed, but exclusive as a primary means of communication.

Leaving for our discussion…


Is he the man to challenge Huckabee in Iowa?  Some say yes.  Some, rightly in this blog’s opinion, wonder about the future of Iowa in general.  Barring a major shake-up in the primary scheduling, Pawlenty needs Iowa, as Romney did last time.  Huckabee’s likely candidacy will once again serve a “spoiler” role, but it may not be Romney that gets spoiled this time around.

Speaking Of Communication Strategy…

There is a certain hubris born of a complicit press that is hard to be believed.  Anita Dunn, White House Communications Director, and admiring quoter of Mao,  talks about how she is able to control the press.  I am sure she thinks that, but she forgets that no one controls the press unless they want to be controlled – and the press never wants to think it is being controlled.  Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.



Some of the smarter ones pull a very funny joke out of the archives.

Are Evangelicals turning left?  Some say yes. Some note the Roman Catholic church is not.

Marvin Olasky has been one of the more perplexing leaders of Evangelicalism we have encountered here.  There was an interesting blog-based interview with him that appeared this week in two parts.  One of the more interesting questions was that he was asked to define “evangelical.”

Which brings me to a new blog – “Evangel” – a blog of the very Roman Catholic First Things magazine.  It’s a group blog of leading evangelical bloggers, put together by former Huckabee staffer Joe Carter, now leader of the First Things blogging effort.  It began with that same question, “What is evangelical.”  This blog will be interesting to watch, but I must comment on something I have discussed before -the term “evangelical” is rapidly becoming, if it has not already become, useless.  If there is that much discussion in the question and their discussion did not include many of the more secular views on it, then the word means pretty much whatever the user wants it to mean.

And one of the participants there struck right at what is to this observe, the heart of the matter.

OK, that’s enough for today.  Be sure to follow on Twitter and join us on Facebook.


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