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"No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."

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    Posted by: John Schroeder at 06:22 am, August 31st 2009     &mdash      Comment on this post »

    First and Most Importantly…

    Please visit and sign the petion supporting our men and women in intelligence.   Dick Cheney obviously is with us.

    Potential Profiles and Missteps

    Romney had a couple of nice profiles over the weekend.

    • The Boston Globe – not “nice,” but not as filled with disgust as their usual Romney pieces.
    • The UPI.  Short and to the point.

    The NYTimes touts Pawlenty?!  Well, McCain was the “darling” (on the Republican side) of what is left of the MSM last time, so a major McCain backer like Pawlenty filling that slot this time is unsurprising.

    Huckabee once again proves he is Huckabee.   You know, for a minister, he sure does tear down a lot more than he builds up.

    Gratuitous anti-Mormon/anti-Romney shot

    Check the comments on this CBS piece on finding Jaycee Lee Dugard.   The piece never mentions the religion of the kidnapper. Yet, the comments not only assert that he is/was Mormon, but also take gratuitous shots at Romney as being “a member of the same cult.”  That people thought that way I knew – that CBS, not Mike Huckabee’s web site, gives it voice is disconcerting.

    A Good Response

    Mark DeMoss is still calling for civility.  Keep calling Mark!  The above proves the need.

    Secularism/Religion and Nations

    Something from the Corner and something from Rod Dreher.  Deep stuff – important stuff.


    Don’t forget


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    Posted by: John Schroeder at 07:20 am, August 28th 2009     &mdash      1 Comment »

    Such things are not a normal part of the business of this blog, but the recent announcement of the appointment of a special prosecutor on ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ is a bit beyond the pale for us.  Therefore, we are undertaking a petition drive.  The idea is to send a message that tey can bring charges, we will do our duty and serve on juries, but we will not convict.

    Please – visit I WILL NOT CONVICT today and sign the pledge.


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    Religion and Healthcare, Mormon Chest-beating, and more…

    Posted by: John Schroeder at 06:39 am, August 27th 2009     &mdash      2 Comments »

    Who knew that the health care debate and religion were closer related?  Well, Chuck Colson does.  I have been concerned about the social engineering aspects of the proposals from the beginning, but Colson, nails it:

    When will this end? The more serious question is, however, when does the next round of government regulation against religious freedom begin? We’ll see soon enough in the current health care debate, and we need to be ready to do as William Thierfelder has done.

    Congress, after all, has rejected every attempt to include language to protect the consciences of medical professionals in the health care debate. Pro-life groups have warned about the very real possibility of religiously based hospitals shutting down before being forced to provide services that violate their religious principles.

    And back to insurance, current legislation being considered could also hand over to a “Health Choices Commissioner” the ability to regulate “basically all health insurance in America.”

    Now, imagine a bureaucracy—completely unaccountable to voters—deciding what medical procedures must be covered by the insurance plans of a small Baptist day care center or a Christian high school. Frankly, I don’t even want to imagine it.

    Scary stuff….

    Closing The Primaries

    We have discussed here that  modifying the primary system is necessary to maintaining GOP viability.  Next week, the California GOP meets and they will be discussing some of the issues.  Flash Report has some of the debate here and here.  If you are a California Republican, contact your delegate and let them know what you think on the subject.  It matters a great deal.

    Things That Do NOT Help

    This blog post shows a video, condemning it, that is wrong on so many levels, one would have to write a book to discuss it.  The guy is nobody and of course MSNBC is tilting him up as an example of how religious people think.  He may call himself a Baptist pastor, but I have much more in common with my Mormon friends than I do this idiot. In fact, this guy has somehow missed the Christian message pretty much altogether.

    Speaking of Mormons, I don’t think this helps much either:

    Call me paranoid.  I can’t help but feeling that we latter day saints are being set up for something.  The Obama Administration is  pushing forward with its agenda, which appears to include nationalization of banks, nationalization of the major  players in the manufacturing sector, nationalization of health care, and the further liberalization of laws on  abortion, gay rights, families, etc.  They are proving to be experts at diversion.  Getting the media’s attention on  bogeymen, like the AIG executives, is a useful smokescreen for what might be otherwise unpopular actions.

    Radio and television personality Glenn Beck is rapidly becoming a lightning rod.  His willingness to take on  corruption in both political parties is based in his love for truth and the Constitution.  Nevertheless, those who  dismiss him often point to his Mormon religion as an excuse to dismiss the uncomfortable truths he has uncovered.   They accuse him of being racist, homophobic, and encouraging violent revolution, none of which are true.  Glenn Beck  makes a wonderful LDS bogeyman.

    Latter-day Saints, as a group, are being cultivated as bogeymen for future use.

    OK – YOU’RE PARANOID, up to a point.   People that take their religion and its ethical practice seriously are being demonized as he suggests, and lately, largely due to the Prop 8 aftermath, Mormons have been the tip of the spear.  But to single out the LDS in his worries is to miss one of the primary points.  We’re in this mess together.  Also, exploring church teaching as resolution is ineffective, for Mormons or the more orthodox.   Our opponents don’t care what we teach, they care how we act, and most importantly vote.

    Lowell adds:  Latter-day Saints are all over the map, politically, even though most are at the center or center-right.  This particular writer seems to be at the far right.   Of course, I don’t know him, but the themes he stresses are recognizable to Mormons who follow politics as pretty popular among a certain sub-group in our faith.  Wonderful folks, but a minority within the faith, in my experience.

    At The Core

    Maggie Gallagher reminds us of what we share in common.

    My friend Matt Anderson continues his discussion on the “young Evangelical.”  He seems to be tying message and medium into a pretty tight ball.  Only problem is, “Ours is a nation of laws, not men.”  It is not up to the government to establish culture – it is up to the church.  That’s the core of the issue from my perspective, the church has given up its rightful place in society and attempts to rely on government.  That said, that cultural change is necessary for real conservatism to take hold cannot be denied.

    Romney News

    He’s going to Michigan.  Smart move.


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    Obama Steps In Where No President Should, The Republican Future, And More

    Posted by: John Schroeder at 06:20 am, August 25th 2009     &mdash      4 Comments »

    Been out of town on a long weekend break, so the pile is deep.  Hence we will move fast, but please follow the links and read it all.

    Obama Reads God’s Mind

    Last Wednesday, the president quoted the Ten Commandments concerning opponents to the propose health care legislation.  He more or less implied that passing it was God’s will.  This caused quite a bit of comment both philosophically and politically.  It was to my mind simply tacky, poorly done, and an act of incredible desperation.  Had it been  little less ham-fisted it might deserve a thorough fisking, but as it is it pretty well speaks for itself.  I hope we will be spared such silliness in the future.  Things like this show just how silly this was.

    Whither Republicans?

    Peter Wehner and Michael Gerson team up on a piece concerning reviving the Republican party.  No mention of social conservatives, or faith – a sign that they are to be cast aside?  Or are they “the Key?“  Is Huckabee to lead us? (God forbid!)  More likely he is digging himself an increasingly deep hole.

    And then, well….  “The Guardian” may be the most left-leaning paper in the English language, but even they have a point every now and then.

    Or, is it Pawlenty?   Politico went on a Pawlenty binge recently.

    Of course, our friend Mitt Romney is doing quite well by some measures (How long before someone tries to tie voodoo and Mormonism in a knot? – Likely it has already occurred, fortunately somewhere so deep in the blogosphere that it will never reach the radar.), a little less well by others.

    Speaking of Romney

    He is putting himself front and center of the health care debate.   And the left is not wasting any time going on the attack.  A sign of who is really leading the 2012 sweepstakes?

    Working Together

    Interesting examples of working those cross religious lines here and here.


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    Candidate Evaluations When No One Is A Candidate Yet

    Posted by: John Schroeder at 05:34 am, August 19th 2009     &mdash      Comment on this post »

    It is truly fascinating how much bloviating is going on about presidential candidates when no one has said much but “maybe.”

    Elsewhere, the Christian Science Monitor takes a serious and reasonable look at the reshaping that is necessary for the G.O.P.   We do have a lot of work ahead of us, and at the moment it is much smarter to work together to figure that path out than to beat each other up jockeying for position in a dying party.

    Finally, a book review that looks squarely at why at the reasons we need to work together.


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    Robert Novak – R.I.P.

    Posted by: John Schroeder at 04:05 pm, August 18th 2009     &mdash      Comment on this post »

    It was over a Robert Novak column that Lowell and I, on air with Hugh Hewitt, first discussed Mitt Romney’s then potential ’08 candidacy and the issue of his Mormon faith.   Today brings news of Novak’s death.  Known by many as the “Prince of Darkness” because he had sources, reliable sources, that no one else seemed to have, he was one to whose “magic” you simply had to grant attention.

    The news of his death is not terribly surprising given that he retired a year ago with severe brain cancer.  Nonetheless, we hate to see him go.

    Godspeed Robert Novak.  Our prayers go with you.


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