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Today’s Reading List – October 23, 2006

Posted by: John Schroeder at 06:02 am, October 23rd 2006     —    Comment on this post »

The Boston Globe continues its assault on Romney.  This time trying to create the appearance of controversy by comparing public speeches on judicial appointments.  Two things I find interesting.  First, they seem to think the fact that Romney does not slam judges to their faces in public makes him two-faced.  And they say blogs are polarizing!  Secondly, while they have always attacked Romney (Red gov. in blue state) they have switched the attack to national issues in the wake of Liberty Sunday.  If I was a Globe reporter, with left leanings, that did not want Romney to be elected president, that was relying on what I thought would be strong Evangelical bigotry, that event would have been terrifying.  Speaking of the Globe K-Lo says the Mormon thing is getting boring.

Remember that story from the British press where Romney got on so famously with Margaret Thatcher?  It showed up in Australia too.

Bush, Kuo, faith – Amy Sullivan takes a look.  Sullivan is one of the better reporters out there on religion and politics and reasonably centrist, though not as much as she thinks she is.  Having said that, I think she gives the Kuo flap more credence than it deserves.  Liberals have to dimiss it because it undoes their theocracy narrative, she has that right.  But, I am not convinced about Evangelical dissatifaction and this book fueling that fire.  The book is about money, not the issues that really matter – same-sex marriage, etc.  She is right that Evangelicals have not gotten all that they wanted, but, most are sophisticated enough to know that war, and politics, happens.  You can't win them all.

I do think Romney could use this guy's help.  One wonders if his departure from the White House has anything to do with the dissatisfaction Sullivan writes about?

Speaking of David Gerson, an old friend talks about why politics do matter to people of faith.

Proof: All politics are local.

Allen, Brownback, Huckabee – guys with potentially more Evangelical draw than Romney.  Not major players at the moment.  Allen may be down for the count after his current senatorial campaign.  And now we can watch Huckabee fade.  Frankly, as someone who has lost 200 pounds in the last few years, Huckabee needs to give it a rest, it should be a matter of personal course, not an election issue.

Hillary demurs and Obama grabs for the ring.  I doubt the juxtaposition is an accident.  Either it is a ploy to take heat off Hillary in the Senate race (which means Obama has already been promised something like the Veep slot) or Hillary has calculated she can't win and is going to feed him tot he wolves.

GetReligion keeps wondering how the press will cover Mormon doctrine.  Guys, the press WON'T CARE!  They can't tell the difference between Methodist and Presbyterian and don't want to.  Do you guys keep bringing this up just to illustrate Mormon doctrine, building prejudice while claiming neutrality?  Just a question.


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