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"No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."

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Posted by: John Schroeder at 05:51 am, June 12th 2006     —    Comment on this post »

Gingrich getting serious, or just stealing a little limelight? Hotline comments. Same story, different reporter and angle – with a specific mention of Romney:  “As for likely conservative standard bearers, Gingrich named Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as a candidate who might keep him out of the race.”  Red State wonders if that is an implicit endorsement.  [Lowell:  Romney could do worse than be seen as the intellectual and philosophical equal of Gingrich, without the baggage.  But see this comment on RedState, which is the kind of attack Romney will need to fend off in the primaries.  Check out the comment responses too.]

Gingrich would have a lot of problems with his past should he run, which is why, in my opinion, he probably won’t.  But at least it’s not a laughable idea.  When it comes to names from the past, this is.

Polling data. Polling data discussed.

Some wonderful comment on inter-religious cooperation on things that really matter.

Romney’s health plan touted in Christianity Today. Romney himself touts it to insurers in San Diego – one telling here, another here.

RedState on Romney’s faith.  Be sure and read through the comments.

Wall Street Journal on Romney and the religious question (paid subscriptions required)  Money quote:

Mr. Romney’s decision to not discuss his religion more overtly stems in large part from the fact that he and his consultants don’t believe it will be as big a deal with voters as political insiders are making it out to be.

Likely true amongst the general population.  Money questions:

  1. Is it true amongst evangelical Christians?
  2. Are there enough evangelical Christians to make a difference in the primaries?

[Lowell:  Yup.  The question won’t be answered until a lot of variables play out. Meanwhile, we hope blogs like ours can help make the debate, when it comes, intelligent and informed.]

A look at anti-semitism in a Virginia primary race.  While Captain Ed concludes it’s not really anti-semitism, the fact that the issue comes up at all may say volumes about a Romney, or other Mormon campaign.  [Lowell: I am most struck by the explosiveness of the issue.  It’s not at all clear that the campaign materials in question are anti-Semitic, but it’s arguable– and that sets off alarm bells.  Question:  If the question of anti-Mormonism arises in a Romney campaign, will similar alarm bells go off?]

Hotline links to a Boston Globe piece looking at Romney’s PAC organization and money.  Ingenious.  Hugh Hewitt comments on this example of the “MBA effect on American politics.”   The Utah view of same.  The Globe piece links to a chart of Romney’s 10-15 biggest supporters currently.  I checked their religious affiliation on the Internet.  Three were identifiably Mormon (they are listed in the Desert News piece) – I could not find an affiliation for the rest. And the Salt Lake Trib takes a look too. [Lowell: I get the sense from the Romney campaign that they need to reach out to wealthy Mormons because (1) they need money to look credible at this stage of the campaign and (2) they need to offset the money they won’t get from a certain slice of GOP voters that will never vote for a Mormon, no matter what.] [John adds: Money from Mormons is fine, but if the campaign looks like it is stacked by them, it could feed the fires of religious bigotry.)


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